The island festival


The Island Festival is comprising of a film festival and a wide variety of activities such as a wrestling competition, Senegalese dance and music classes, art workshops, concerts, seminars and excursions to discover the wonders of the Saloum River Delta and its numerous islands.  

The Saloum River Delta is an UNESCOs world heritage site and an important site for the conservation of global biodiversity. Much of the Saloum river delta is a national park, a protected marine and estuarine area of about 70 000 ha with a fine mosaic of islands and creeks of vital importance for the breeding of a large variety of migratory birds and marine species. 

The Island Festival will open for the active exploration of local cultural practices and different cultural forms of expression in Senegal and in West Africa at large, as well as a sound interaction of artistic traditions, historical context and subsequent influence on cultural and artistic practices in the African Diaspora.